Giving back to make a difference

Alejandro Bautista, a local tutor, works through a program named College Track to attempt to change the low numbers of high school graduates and college enrollment in Oakland. According to the Oakland Kids First! 2013-2016 Strategic Investment Plan published by the Oakland Fund for Children and Youth through the City of Oakland, the graduation rate for students of the Oakland Unified School District is 60%. Of the 60% that graduate, 46.3% enroll in college. College Track is one of the many programs listed under the Oakland Fund for Children and Youth’s list of neighborhood programs. Bautista, arrived in the United States at 12-years-old, attended Oakland public schools and participated in College Track. Today, he attends Chabot Community College, and works as a tutor for high school students in Oakland through the program. Besides tutoring in academics, Bautista believes that developing friendships with the students helps them academically because “you become one of their motivations to succeed.”

Fresno State Graduation

The 37th Annual Latino Commencement of Fresno State University at the Save Mart Center in Fresno, Calif., on June 18, 2013. The goal of programs like College Track is to get more students from Oakland into college. (Photograph by: Natalie Rodriguez/Full Sail University).