Jefferson School

Exposure of students to crime in the Fruitvale District of Oakland

In the Fruitvale District of Oakland there are almost 30 schools and day care centers, there is also a high rate of crime. According to, within a two-mile radius of the corner of Foothill Blvd. and Fruitvale Ave., there have been more than 300 crimes that have been reported in the month of May. Elizabeth Guerra, a Student Coordinator and After School Teacher at Learning Without Limits, a school within the Fruitvale District, says that in eight years of experience in working with students after school she has worked with many students who have been affected by crime. Guerra has had students whose families have been victims of home invasions, whose “mother’s have been robbed”, and has even “done a memorial for a student [who was] murdered.”

View Fruitvale Schools in a larger map. Infographic by Natalie Rodriguez

Jefferson School

Jefferson School in the Fruitvale District of Oakland, Calif. Elizabeth Guerra is a Student Coordinator and After School Teacher at Learning Without Limits, one of two schools within this campus. Photograph taken on June 22, 2013. (Photograph by: Natalie Rodriguez/Full Sail University).

The Unity Council defines the Fruitvale District as a two and a half square mile area bordered by High St., 14th Ave., Interstate 580, and the Oakland Estuary. The list of crimes reported by, which is linked through the City of Oakland’s Police Department, includes crimes such as robbery, assault, prostitution, and burglary. Of approximately 375 reported incidents of crime, 86 of them were assaults, 51 were theft related, and 48 of them were burglaries. Crimes were reported the seven days of the week. There is a high concentration of crimes bellow the Foothill Blvd, which is where more than half of the schools are located.

Guerra believes that students are affected and exposed to crime in schools that are “more down towards that area.” “That” area is what she considers to be “down bellow Foothill.” International Blvd., which is bellow Foothill Blvd., has made headlines because of prostitution. The Fruitvale District is considered one of the “hot spots” for robberies in the article “Oakland: Robbery capital of America.”

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